We’ve hand-picked for you our favorite 20 changing table essentials to make your baby’s many diaper changes way easier on everyone involved. You’ll need to create an easily accessible, well-organized, and well-stocked changing place because you guys will be changing diapers a LOT!  There are two good options for creating the space: you either buy a changing table or you create one on top of a piece of furniture.  To both options you’ll have to buy a changing pad and a changing pad cover (or two, or three!).

You’ll find that both are completely practical solutions.  And it’s really just a matter of your budget, what you might already have, and whether you’re planning on having another baby someday…because you could use the nursery for a new baby with the changing table and move the first baby and the dresser (sans the changing pad) to a new toddler room.

o        Option One: A Changing Table

Buy one that fits two to six baskets underneath it on two shelves.  And attach a diaper stacker to one side and a changing table organizer to the other.  The table itself is a great deal, but you can see that you still need to add items to it. 

o        Option Two: A Changing Pad on top of Furniture

A changing pad on top of a dresser drawer is ideal for this because you can store diapers and everything else in the top drawer(s) for easy access.    Other furniture possibilities include a desk, a buffet, a hutch, or a long side table.  The downside is you’ll need to secure the changing pad to the surface of the piece, which will require drilling into it.  But the upside: you’ll get to keep the piece in the nursery once your baby isn’t a baby anymore (you can just place items like a desk lamp over the small holes).  And, of course, you’ll save closet space by also being able to store the pajamas, clothes, socks, hats, shoes, etc. in it!

Changing Station Essentials:

1. Wipes in a box or in a wiper warmer (plus extra wipe packs)

2. Thermometer & Nasal Aspirator

3. Small Bandage Cloths for Bellybutton and/or Circumcision Care

4. Non-Petroleum Jelly

5. Cotton Balls

6. Q-Tips

7. Diaper Rash Cream

8. Face and Body Lotion and/or Egyptian Magic

9. Baby Fever Reducer (especially for use before pediatrician appointments when you know your baby will receive an injection, but move it to a medicine cabinet once baby is mobile or if older children could access it)

10. Burp Cloths and/or Cloth Diapers (use on top of changing pad for extra protection during diaper changes)

11. Diapers (placed in a top drawer or in the attached diaper stacker)

12. Baby Wash Cloths (3-4)

13. Small Bath Towel and Hooded Towel (2)

14. Tissue Box

15. First Aid Kit & Baby Nail Clippers

16. Baby Toothbrush & Toothpaste

17. Bibs (at least 15! for drool)

18. Socks, Mittens, Caps

19. Extra Changing Pad Cover(s)

20. Small Blankets

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