We think theses 1920’s baby names are the “bee’s knees!”

These BABY GIRL names are “the berries”…

1. Georgia

Meaning: Farming Woman; Origin: English

2. Louise

Meaning: Well-Known Warrior, Origin: French

3. Mildred (Millie)

Meaning: Soft Strength; Origin: English

4. Mary

Meaning: Rebel Woman; Origin: Hebrew

5. Maude

Meaning: Mighty in Battle; Origin: Germanic

6. Anita

Meaning: Graceful; Origin: Spanish

7. Madge

Meaning: Pearl, Origin: Greek

8. Gertrude (Gertie)

Meaning: Strong Spear, Origin: Germanic

9. Esther

Meaning: Star-like; Origin: Persian

10. Lola

Meaning: Sorrowful; Origin: Spanish

Your BABY BOY will be the “big cheese” if your name him one of these…

1. Rudolph (or Rudolf)

Meaning: Wolf Legend; Origin: Germanic

2. Gibson

Meaning: Brilliant Young Man; Origin: English

3. Clyde

Meaning: Of the Scottish River Clyde; Origin: Scottish

4. Dell

Meaning: Valley; Origin: English

5. Montague

Meaning: From a Pointed Mount; Origin: French 

6. Fritz

Meaning: Peaceful Monarch; Origin: Germanic

7. Tyrone (Ty)

Meaning: Earth, Land; Origin: Gaelic

8. Elliott

Meaning: Yahweh is My God; Origin: Hebrew

9. Buster

Meaning: Breaker; Origin: English

10. Lars

Meaning: Laurel Crown; Origin: Scandinavian


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